Michelle’s Long-Distance Fairytale

“This is the most beautiful relationship I could have ever imagined”.

Michèle Köbke is in love, as many other of us are. She lately came out with an insane romantic storty that is not your regular prince charming tale. 

Don’t they look adorable?

This 29 y/o Berlin girl revelead to local media she was an objectophile, that is, a person who develops deep emotional and/or romantic attachments to an inanimate object.

Michèle’s love interest is no other than a Swedish Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which she named ‘Schatz’, Germam for ‘Treasure’.
She recently had all her hopes come true when officials at Stockholm Arlanda Airport escorted her to a dreamy date at one of the airport’s hangars, not the best place for a first date if you ask us,

Apparently Schatz is an outdoorsy kindda guy

Sparks were in the air (even though no airline welder was on duty) as the two met, as described by Michèle to reporters: “Schatz is my first love, this is the most beautiful relationship I could have ever imagined. He is so nice. I like his aerodynamics and looks- especially the wings. I think the wings was what first got me attracted to him.

Although she can’t move-in with Schatz or bring it over to meet the fam, Köbke does keep a variety of the airplane’s spare parts, for comfort.
She says her family supports her unusual relationship but she does get negative remarks all the time from some of her surroundings: “People tell me all the time that I should go get mental help or that I’m insane, but this love is real. It’s present in my life and I’ve never been happier. I want to merry my love an move to the hangar with him. We have a special kind of love and it doesn’t hurt anyone”.

We at WTF totally agree with that last statement, what can be better than being in a relationship with someone who can’t hurt or cheat on you, right??

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Babe, wake up, I can’t feel my leg

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